Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brownian mind!

Yup..my mind is darting in all directions with several stuff to do...I've got to get rid of the stuff I have here, I 've got to get in touch with some friends, got to decide about loans, gotta pack, have to blog, gotta link other blogs to mine, must be reading up in preparation, should keep an eye on SS and of course there is always more which I remember only at times when I would conveniently forget them...But my mind is the only thing that is Brownian - the rest of my body is in total equilibrium [ read as lazy to the core], enjoying the few days I have left before I start the hectic ISB life.... Oh well! old habits die hard. I have lived my life, relying on the last minute and this one's not gonna be any different. IF U DO EVERYTHING IN THE LAST MINUTE IT TAKES ONLY A MINUTE :))))))

Forgive the disconnect in this post, but I am just writing whatever comes to my mind.....

I read this somewhere and I felt I am right now in this state
"My body is a temple..Yeah, but the way I 've been eating lately I think I have just added four more rooms to it" ..

Well! turning to seriouser [I did make that word up - u dont have to laugh at my lack of literary knowledge] things, I will be participating in the blog-a -thon 2006 being hosted by blank noise to raise a voice against street harassment. If u r interested in participating do sign up on their blog. So on March 6th, this blog will be steaming in my outrage -BEWARE!

Sundeep and B have asked me about excessive freedom, and I have been devoting too much time thinking about it and tested theri patience to the limit I guess! Sorry guys... that will be my next post.

I have been seeing the next round of results for ISB admission coming out - very impressive profiles and this is only a handful. I am scared.....as I have always been - scared of being dumb....Well, life has gone on and will go on and I will get out of it!

Okay I am cutting down further ramblings of my Browninan mind.. may u rest in peace!


Manu said...

Are you shipping your stuff to India? How are you doing it?

Wundergal said...

I am selling most stuff here. I am mostly carrying only my clothes, memorablia and photos. The excess stuff I am plannig to ship via USPS - mind u send only the stuff that u wont be needing 'cos it usually takes around a month or even more to get to India - that is wat i hear. Again,my husband says [he works for Fedex], that if u declare the stuff in ur box as gifts [basciallly new stuff that is not used] then fedex or UPS might ship it - u might want to try that!

Anonymous said...

Patience is a Virtue !! i heard someone say n realised i do have a virtue !!%%^^
;-) B

Amateur Blogger said...

"life has gone on and will go on and I will get out of it!"

Get out of it? Where to?

Btw, Congratulations!

Wundergal said...

I meant "Get out of being scared" I've always had self doubts, but life has gone on, and I've gotten over it!
Hope u got it now..
Btw, Thanks!