Sunday, March 05, 2006


This post is part of the blog-a-thon organised by blank noise project. The blank noise project is an effort to raise a voice against street harrasment, which most of us have accepted to as a part of life.

My first exposure to harassment was when I was 12. It happened in a bus - I was so young that I dint even realise it till I was older! But once I realised it, phsyical violation of any sort has enraged me to the core. As lond as it is just easy comments - I dont care, but the moment they start bordering on obscenity I can no longer stand it. But I am not going to delve into the details of every harrassment I had lived through, rather I have a request - a request to all of u...
Every girl I know has faced harrassment in every possible place in the world... but many of them have stood up against it??? Even if they do, why does the society never come to her rescue ?

When u are harassed, please try stand up to it. I have always been equipped with a pepper spray or pen knife in my bag. If I dont have weapon my knees and elbows do the job..and when u see a someone who cannot protect themsleves being harassed please help them out - u dont necessarily have to be obvious...For example, I have seen school kids being molested in buses, if I do have seat, I offer it to them and stand up, because I know I can handle the creep. Please do it for the little ones atleast , their minds are too vulnerable! I know it is not possible for an indivdual to stand up aginst a bunch of thugs, but if the society as group threatens them, those slime balls will slither away! you and me are a part of the society, so when u see someone being harassed just dont stand and watch!!!

And for heaven's sake dont blame harrassment on the victim!!! that is the biggest crime. When a girl is teased or molested it is not becuase of the way she is dressed or the way she is behaving but because of perversion in the mind of some a*****e. Do 7 year old girls dress prvocatively? Are who girls who dress conservatively spared in rape? Rape, harassment and molestation are NOT the victims fault! Get that right in ur minds.

Harassment is taken too easily and become so much a part of life, that we no onger pay attention to the the number of lives that are being lost - I am not just talking about death! I am referring to the fear that is instilled in girls'minds, the freedom that is denied, the education that they might lose, the society's branding that she has to bear and so many more.

It's time to stop harassment - atleast recognise it as a crime and fight against it!


Anonymous said...

Very true indeed.

I too agree that school going children are definitely not at mistake. But the same cant be said abt the new breed of college going modern chicks. I fully know the import of what i'm saying, as i live in one of the most modern indian metro "Mumbai".

There shud also be some restraint on the part of the girls in stamping out such a crime. Though i'm by no means advocating rape here.

I will say the mistake is both with the onlooker's eyes & mind and also with the provocatively dressed victim.

I donno whether u will agree with this, but this is my HO.

I'm too a chennaite and it pains me a lot to see the Gen X emulating some crap western culture. If u get what i mean.

s! said...

denying a woman her freedom is the greatest crime indian society can be accused of. hopefully raising awareness will lead to clamping down on this abuse too.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing what kind of creeps are out there, but a lot of harrasment can be blamed on the lack interaction among the sexes.

It pains to see many parents still supporting separate schools for boys and girls.. There in lies the root of the problems...

Anushka said...


True one has to stand up coz the situation has worsened over the years.

What makes me go totally angry when these eveteasers instead blame that the women are dressed up inapppropriately!! so that gives them a liberty to do whatever they like.


Wundergal said...

give whatever reason u may, I cannot accept about the dressing part...95% of girls who are harassed are dressed in saree or salwars!

Thanks..more people shud start understanding that

anon 2
Yes, sex ducation and sexual awareness my bring a sea change in people's attitude

of course,it's time it is already too late!

sundeep said...

yeah we need to stand up against it... But that would only be a short term solution...

We also need to look at the root causes as well: lack of proper sex education from early childhood... role of media in affecting young minds.... role of the fashion industry.... diminishing female:male ratio due to female infanticide and bias for the male sex....

Wundergal said...

I agree Sundeep! But that will take several years and in the meantime fighting can help..