Sunday, March 12, 2006


"Nyabagangal mazhai aagum; Nyabagangal kudai aagum
Nyabagangal thee moottum; Nyabagangal neer ootrum "

These famous lines from a Tamil movie song convey so concisely wat memories do to u...Memories are the rain and the umbrella, memories ignite a fire and quench it too!!

Sure as hell they do!

At times of loneliness, the only solacing thought is that of a great time u had with a dear one, yet if u did not have that memory, you would not suffer of loneliness or the pangs of separation.. wow wat an irony!!

Again there are some memories I would like to delete forever from my mind but they stay in the recycle bin and once in a while some arbit command restores them into my C;/ drive reminding of my stupidities, embarassment, rage and pain. It happened casual statement took me 5 years behind and the Pandora's box was opened - Oh how I hate my memory... I wish I could forget! Well....a few minutes of anger and tears later life was back to normal...

Hopping over to some of the better flashbacks,

Today, I had gone to the temple here in Memphis. While returning back home, on the country road, sans the city lights, the stars were just beautiful and I spotted the great dipper constellation.That took me back to my high school days when I used to spend hours on the terrace avidly star gazing (No.not the kind u r thinking about, really star gazing). Then, I used to be capable of identifying several constellations and planets in the night sky and I even nursed serious dreams about studying Astrophysics!!! Now 10-12 years later, here I am thanking God, he dint lead me into complexities like that - cos with my pea-brain, I sure would have flunked !! During college, whenever the night was clear, on the walk back from the mess to the hostel, D was forced into identifying, the three celestial formations that I confidently knew... Are u wondering why she hasnt disowned me yet? well, mostly becos, she always got them wrong!

Hmmm, today seems so boring... but 5 years down the lane....this might be a beautiful memory!!!


Anushka said...

Yup, memories are there to treasure- both good ones n bad ones. Good ones remind of us all the wonderful times we've had, and the bad ones we can be thankful that its over. Well its one more way to look at it and accept both.

Wundergal said...

Thats a nice thought Anu

Vikram said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the nice comments and the eagerness to help the fellow bloggers/prospective students/etc.

And for the memories - they are nice, they are good and they guide us.
Seeing the tamil words reminds me of my college and what all we did there etc etc. I still remember Alaipayuthe, Minnale movies where we watched them for 5-6 times in the theatre, I dont think so I saw any other language movie so many times in the theatre and the irony is that no one in the group is a tamilian and our tamil is very very poor :) - I dont want to say that I dont know tamil at that time :D

Wundergal said...

Great to know that u have enjoyed Tamil movies!! Hope u know some Tamil atleast now;)))

Vikram said...

Yeah its a lot better now though I wont(actually cant :D) talk in Tamil. Thanks to the guys in my company, manys guys I am close with is a tamilian and I can make out the whole picture of what people are saying.