Sunday, April 23, 2006

US life with Indian luxuries!!!

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to go out into the city to get some stuff and once I was out of campus, I was suddenly struck by all the commotion, pollution, heat, crowd, etc.... it was as if I was woken from sleep and told "Wundergal U R IN INDIA"....Yes, the ISB campus is so far away from the city, so pristinely maintained and designed such that it gives me a feel of being in US!!! The quality of people and the service provided also add on to that aura. Yet, we get people to do the cleaning, ironing and washing - someththing unaffordable in the US...We are getting the best of both worlds and I should say I'm getting completely spoiled!!
Well, not sometihng I'll ever complain about :)))

The section showdown, left us in Section A pretty disappointed and Sec B took the trophy!!!! But that dint deter the Classy ClassA from partying late into the night yesterday. The party was toast to the team effort that we have been putting in for the past week. Thanks to the DJ, MK we had one Tamil song that brought out all my "kuthu" [it is a crass form of folk dance in rythm with fast drum beats] instincts. It's a long time since I danced like that and I really had loads of fun....

But the fun ends today.. and pre-term starts tomm and the books are still unopened. I am closing my eyes and waiting for the plunge into acads.


Venkat said...

Went out today and felt the same. We are living in an unreal world. Its going to be tough after one year of pampered spoiling.

Happy pre-terms :))

Manu said...

We actualy had a couple more after you left :-). The last one "kodambakkam area" from Sivakasi was a hit with the crowd.