Saturday, May 06, 2006

Neck deep to Knee deep!!!

Having struggled through the flurry of assignments, that were given for our first "weekend" [if u would call it that!!!]... I have succesfully completed them [well, not exactly 2/3 is pretty close to 3/3 right???.. by a 70% confidence interval maybe!!!]. And thank God, my groupies are brainy, smart and helpful - full credit to all of them!

Yup... so let me update u on wat is happening in my life,

I try to pre read for each class, but as u all very well know I am only trying!!! And then aften 2 hours of OHT [Over head transfer - for all those unenlightened souls who dont know wat OHT is ] in each class I vow to myself I will go home and understand everything....back home, SS would most probably be taking a nap [lucky thing!!!] and I decide I need to refresh my brain before I start studying and give SS some company in sleeping - so there goes an hour down the drain. Once I wake up, in order for my brain to clear up from the sleep hangover, I play basket ball [ that sure is one good thing that is happening in my life - I am playing full court games after almost 6 years, and I'm really not as rusty as I expected myself to be] which is another hour and I get back home, have dinner, play with SS, chat with Sam and D, do some blog hopping, write a post if I am up to it.. and ooops, its 1am....I realise I have time only to to rush through the next days' pre reads....And the cycle continues...

But thats just me! When I look around, it is like a battleground, of a different kind- it is a combat of brains over assignements, challenges of profs to students, serious strategy building on how to take on the monster courses, avoiding those geeks who-know-everythings lest u feel like u r scum - the competition is so intense that it gets on u. But there are two ways people react to pressure, either go with the crowd and start working hard or just relax and take things easy - I am seeing both kinds around me... As for me I am not too much into my books and not too out of it either... I make sure I have a life and I am enjoying every bit of it!

This is just the opening scene of the ISB drama - I am sure as we proceed, roles will reverse and characters will change - of course trauma will transform!!! Let us see what unfolds ahead of us...........So long folks!


u know me! said... offense to ur riting. but, what happened to all ur creativity? u seem to b totally occupied in thots only abt ISB!
common....rite some fun the crazy things u have done etc etc!!!

Bon said...

hey cmon gal, this is not at all a battleground. I mean look around, everybody is trying to help everybody and its a perfect synergy. If only the world was one big ISB, the world would have been a better place, dontcha think? :-)

BTW were u there in yest nights party?

Akshit said...

Trauma will transform............well am pretty sure it will...but just hope the transformation is in the positive week here and i already feel burnt out - and thats surprising considering im not of those geeks.....just cant imagine what the next 50 weeks hold for us......either all of us will go MAD....or all will be smart and relax and make the best of RELATIVE GRADING!!!!!

Kapil said...

wundergal ..the worst u can do is to take urself 2 tht n get a microwaved brain...4get the competition...ull learn more n bttr stuff being with ppl thn fighting for grades..

Wundergal said...

uknow me :- err..I am not sure if I know u.. and thanks for that suggestion, I'll try to write about other stuff. but as of now ISB is happening in my life and thats why I am writing a lot abt it.
Bonet:- No bonet, we students are on the same side, we are comabating the courses was wat I meant! I dint make it to that party.. but I usually do

Akshit:- Relative grrading is my hope too. Just praying that someone out there will out do me in underperformance

Kapil;- U r right.I completely agree. thanks for all the encouragemant