Sunday, May 14, 2006

Owner's Pride Neighbors envy....

Nope - not Onida; it is my motorised wheel chair thats becoming everyone's envy. There have been a lot of questions like,

"Is it free?"
"Do I get it ONLY if I break my leg?"
"Can I take a ride on it??"

So, yes I am basking in my new found glory of the girl who drives the wheel chair and it does spare me the hike across the ISB terrain to class everyday. Its a lot of fun, except for the broken ankle of course! Someone suggested I paint the chiar red and call it Ferrari - How I wish !!!!

Apart from that, the campus is abuzz with election activity. I hope someone would realise the value of sympathy votes and pay me to campaign for them - I've been dreaming about waving the victory sign, sitting on my wheelchair, telling my sob story and how the candidate I support is the most compassionate person in the world. Of course, my motorised wheel chair will be switched to manual mode and the candidate will be pushing me around to create the "effect". Any candidate ready to negotiate???

It is my groupie A's b'day today and his was the first official b'day dunking I attended. It was fun [of course as long as someone else is getting dunked and kicked and plastered with cake on their face]. Midterms are around the corner. Everyone is waiting with bated breath.....I hear that some people are living in the LRC - God bless them! Me? dont u know I have broken my leg, and I am suffering of low morale and depression and hence have been unable to study:)))))

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mama said...

btw, which way do you take to the institute? main entrance eh?