Monday, December 04, 2006

I am not dead yet!

If u have given up on me as one of those ISB blog drop outs...I can understand... and i have noticed my counter is ticking very slowly too....fair enough...but I have blogged a zillion times in my mind and there are like 15 posts im my mind which are porabably too outdated now...So like a dutiful blooger, i decided I'll give my blog some life before it disappears into oblivion ..

But then the past month has been traumatic to say the least... being down with malaria and having SS admitted in the hospital with wheezing and then still keeping up with all the ISB stuff was more than several handfuls and I have only 2...that apart life's been running the ISB way - faster than the speed of light....

When Einstein was asked to exlpain theory of relativity in simple words he said

"When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it's longer than any hour. That's relativity."

At ISB there is a weird kind of relativity - during the term u feel like u are sitting on the stove, but once u r done and look back, its like time spent with a beautiful girl.. so Mr.Einstein any thots?

Well that said, I gotta say that the healthcare summit rocked - maybe a lil late (actually over a month..) but being on of the organisers i cant go without bragging abt it...

The campus is alive with case study sessions and interview preps and i am doing nothing more that jus chilling out...had a few sour experiences with international placements.. but have gotten over it gracefully :)

So this is term 6 and I have taken this interesting course called creativity, innovation and design where are first assignemnt was to write a 55 words story and here is mine..

"He promised fun and told me the view up there was beautiful.

When we reached there however, I was roughed up, thrown around in contorted angles and finally pushed over a precipice – no pain, just shock. I couldn’t believe he did this to me.

I swore never to take the roller-coaster again"

Let me know how u like it....ciao


Anonymous said...

mm...nalla irukku kadhai. kadhai solle unakku kathu kodukanuma!!!

gud job SB;)

Anonymous said...

nee ellam edhuku blog vechikara unnala maintain panna mudiyala na.. eppadiyum kuzhandhaya unga amma dhan paathukurango, vettiya dhan nee isb la irukka.bloga update panna enna koranja poiduva