Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Treading thin ice..

I do try to keep this blog innocuous and limit to personal philosophies on life…but now and then something comes by and rakes up the social factor in me to an extent that I feel all the sharpest terrorist instincts in me kick up – to do a whole new Jalianwalah Bagh…..So yes, this blog post is definitely PG-13 complete with swear words and unrestrained violence…

What the bloody fuck??? Really….first its CWG, then Chavan and his housing project and of course Mr.Raja… the male mistress of the princess in the family that literally owns Tamil Nadu…okay the government’s strategy was to keep the scams coming, so that the public gets immune to it….Oh yes, and we do, don’t we??.. how else can we retain the optimism to go on….Like the oft repeated joke, how else do we retain the spirit to grow “inspite” of the Indian government…okay so we did. We went on with our lives – even as they shattered trust in the PM, who seems so dignified – we kept going on….

But then comes along Ms.Radia….with all the skeletons of Tatas, Ambanis, and yes media…I’m still with the Tatas and Ambanis – to succeed in a country so used to corruption there is no other way… you’ve got to be an Indian to do business in India…We all know there is no way they could grow this big without oiling the machines.. But the whole bloody fucking media????
The media that ran 24X7 new coverage when other scams came out…when Dhoni sneezed, when Rahul Gandhi had a emotional breakdown, when Rakhi Sawant had a wardrobe malfunction…CHOSE to conveniently not address this issue.

“I do not deny that these conversations happened, but the tapes have been doctored and the context tampered to give the conversations a certain slant,” – Vir Sanghvi, HT – He means to say its his job to do that and is agitated that someone else did it to him.
O yes, the much hated Burkha Dutt for her infamous coverage of 26/11, claims “ I was just humoring source” and has been defended by her CEO as ““To caricature the professional sourcing of information as ‘lobbying’ is not just baseless, but preposterous”.

O really? So when you’ve done something that’s baseless its unfair to publish it, but its ok for you to do the same to other huh?!!!!! How many bloody times did you have the wonderful and precious opportunity to shape public opinion but squandered it for personal favors and money? How many fucking times….You’re not just a bunch of jokers to be dismissed with a wave of the hand but a squad of terrorists to be shot down…

You know what dear Media? With great powers come greater responsibilities. Power like that of politicians is like a gun – you can only kill a person with it or not. But the media power is like a magic wand – you can make a donkey out of a man or a conscious citizen out of a man…But no, its easier to entertain a donkey, by running the same coverages over and over right?! You’re treading thin ice – only till you break it, once the ice breaks, you’ll freeze…to death.

Screw the whole bloody lot of you!! India will continue to be built

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