Monday, March 12, 2012

Fairy Tale

Walking through life,
The princess found a mirror...

Intricate, Beautiful,
Profound, Intellectual,
It showed all she wanted to see.
It held within, all her dreams.
So enthralled was she in its magic,
She forgot the eternal truth -
Dreams intersecting with reality,
Is the clear road sign to
Quicksand beneath the oasis mirage!

Life struck back with vengeance,
Winds of future came swooping down,
Shattering the precious
Scattering shards of memories
Into the future

That future she walked into,
Only to pick those sparkling shards
Bleeding through her fingers,
Drops of blood undoing life's evil spell,

The past became future
Pieces fell together,
The mirror became real
Happily ever after, it was.

Fairy tales -
It easier to believe, than not :)

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