Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The end of the world!

My rational side does not allow me to believe in the possibility of a tangible destruction of this entire physical entity. Who are we kidding? - the world was here before us and it will be here after us, but we as humans have reached a deflection point....My mystical Piscean side keeps wondering whether there is any point in humanity going on, is it not better off being destroyed in one dramatic, cataclysmic stroke of disastrous ending  rather than a belabored, cannibalistic extinction that we are walking closer to each day?

The killing,  the rapes, the wars, the disparities, the politics, the mindless consumerism all pointing towards one fundamental deterioration -  complete obliviousness to another person's time, life,sentiments and circles shrink and people cannot bother to care about anything beyond the closest kith or just one's own self, there is no room for empathy.... Most times, there is a lot of sympathy, but  because  self preservation reigns in utmost supremacy action against inhumanity never ensues...integrity is as extinct as humanity...Maybe we are devolving from humans to some other primal animal form...or we are setting ourselves up for the Earth to open and swallow us all, as described in several Mayan and Indian mythologies....

I am pretty sure, that i am going to be writing a few more posts next year - I just hope I can write more rosy posts of how the human race came together to salvage humanity, to unite in the uniqueness of the human brain, to revel in its precision, creativity and imagination to move forward,  like we used to a few thousand years ago.

On another note, this time of the year, I make myself write in public....writing for me never ceases - aspirations, anger, excitements, pains are all easily bottled up in letters of formaldehyde for eternal preservation...but this is my blog ritual as this space completes 7 years of  existence,  just 8 months younger to Shakthi, my 7.7 yr old daughter...we've all grown together in the last 3 quarters of a decade and its been one that close to my heart and definitive of me as a person.

May the new year be a wonderful one for each of us!!!

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Naresh Kumar said...

Hi Soumya,

Nice... Hope new year brings all good...