Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Idhu podhum enakku...

After Mani ratnam's beautifully picturized moongil thottam song, the lyrics are giving a high to a lot of romantics..but this is one of my favs from Vairamuthu's collection for a decade or so....and to my disappointment the full version of the poem is not available anywhere in the net...for once I felt it might be worth putting the effort to translate these beautiful lines...so here you go...

Adhikaali oligal,                                              The sounds of early dawn
Aindhu mani paravaigal                                   The 5'o' clock birds
Irutkadhavuthattum sooriya viral                      Sun's fingers knocking the night's door
Palli ezhuchi paadum un  padhakolusu             The anklets on your feet singing out my wakeup call
un kannil vizhikum en kangal                            My eyes waking up to your eyes
Idhu podhum enakku                                      This is all I need...

thaneer poloru venneer                                   The luke warmth of the water
sugandham parappum dhvalai                          The steam rising out and spreading a fragrance around
kuliparaikkul kuttralam                                    a gushing waterfall in the bathing room
naan kulikka nanayum nee                               you getting drenched while i bathe
idhu podhum enakku

veliye mazhai                                                   Rains outside
vedikkai paarkka   jannal                                 windows to gaze at it
ottrai naarakkali                                               A single chair
adhil neeyum naanum                                       and on it, you and me
Idhu podhum enakku                                       This is all I need...

kulathangarai                                                   Bank by the pond
kulikkum paravaigal                                         Bathing birds
siragu ulartha                                                    Drying their wings
therikkum thuligal                                             splashing water
mugam thudaikka un mudhanai                         The end of your saree to dry my face
idhu podhum enakku                                        This is all I need...

Nila ozhugum iravu                                         Moon oozing night
Thisai tholaitha kaadu                                     Directionless forest
ottraiadipaadhai                                              Single mudpath
Unnodu podi nadai                                         A stroll with you
Idhu podhum enakku                                      This is all I need...

Marangal nadungum margazhi                        Winter that makes trees shiver
Ratham uraiyum kulir                                     Cold that makes blood freeze
Ushnam yasikkum udal                                  Body that yearns for heat
ottrai porvai                                                  Single blanket
paraspara veppam                                        our mutual warmth
Idhu podhu enakku                                      This is all I need...

Nila thattu                                                    Moon for a plate
Natchathira soru                                           Stars for rice
Kai kazhuva kadal                                        Sea to wash my hands
Kai thudaikka megam                                   Clouds to dry my hands
Kanavin vizhippil                                          Waking from the dream
kakkathil nee                                                feeling you in my arms
Idhu podhu enakku                                       This is all I need...

Thapovana kudil                                          Hermit's hut
tharai kodhum marangal                               trees that comb the ground
Nondiyadikkum thenral                                Limping breeze
Aarodum osai                                              Sounds of the flowing river
Vasadhukku oonjal                                      A swing for comfort
Vassikka kaaviyam                                     Poetry to read
pakkaadiayalam veikka un koondhal poo    To bookmark, a flower that falls off your tresses
Idhu podhum enakku                                   This is all I need...

Moongil thottam                                         Bamboo gardens
Mooligai vaasam                                        The smell of herbs
Pirambu narkali                                          Cane chair
Prabhanja gnanam                                      A universe of wisdom
Niraindha mounam                                     Fulfilling silence
Nee paadum geetham                                 A song you sing
Idhu podhum enakku                                 This is all I need...

Urchaga parvai                                          looks of excitement
Uyir parattu                                               genuine appreciation
Nalla kavidhai mel                                       on my beautiful poem
Vizhundhu vazhiyum un oru sottu kaneer     a drop of tear that falls and rolls off

Irundhal podhum                                       This is enough
edhu vendum enakku                                 What more do I need???              

Sigh....beautiful!!!! Now I hum moongil thootam and make my way to work :(

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Aarti Sevilimedu said...

What lovely poetry, indeed! some people have all the talent in the world!! But thanks for putting it up in English, I would have given up after 4 lines if I had to read it in Tamizh.