Saturday, December 31, 2005


Wondering where wundergal went missing????????.I have been on a cleaning spree as a result of which our little 2 bedroom apartment has lost its pig sty glory and manages to look like a human habitat. Oh beleive me I wouldnt indulge in a Herculean task such as this without a motivation - D is visiting us this weekend for 5 days. though she would have preferred our pig sty, we are having GRB and GJ another couple of my freinds from Houston to join us and they would have been appalled by my living conditions if I hadnt cleaned up the mess!!!!!! I am looking forward to lotsa fun with all of them hanging out here in Memphis. SMS has found this as an excuse and stocked our usually dry bar with drinks of all kinds.....

I am keeping my fingers crossed and wonder what the next year has in store for me and the world.......HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone...Life is short, lets just live it out!

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