Tuesday, December 27, 2005


In our snow droughted state of Tennessee, there was no hope of a "white" Christmas. So we had fun at the ICE SHOW that was on at the Opry mall. I was impressed by the 1.5 million pounds of ice that was sculpted into beautiful structures of Santa, reindeer, ice slides and a larger than life birth scene of Jesus. it was worth the visit.... but it was a freezing minus 10 degree Celsius inside....and I had gone with sandals, by the time I got out my feet were jus short of being frost bitten. the hot choclate [hmm talk abt business tactic] right outside was such a relief. It was my little one's first christmas so we got her a santa doll in remembrance......the funniest part of the trip was that we drove 3 hours from Nashville to Memphis looking for a Pizza Hut. Surprisingly we never found one for almost 2 hours and the one we found was closed because of christmas........hmmmmmmmm landed up eating in Waffle House- the only place that was open! All in all it was a good xmas.

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