Friday, December 23, 2005

My little world!!!!!!!!!

You've gotta know the main characters in my life if ur going to keep reading my blogs.......So, here we go..
Like everyone else I have a mom and dad who love me very much and an elder bro VSK who unnerves me by setting high standards that I force myself to live upto !
My bestest friend - D.. who will keep figuring in my posts quite often...She is my unseperable alter ego. Yup ! alter ego - cos we are such conflicting personalities, yet somehow we cant get rid of each other.........
And then my dearest Husband - SMS, who inspite of my tantrums has lived with me and loved me for the past 3 years...beware! he only looks like the nicest, quietest guy in town - he can talk like one crazy guy at home....
The latest addition, my little bundle of joy, SS.... 8 months old and cute as a little puppy, she amazes me with her antics !!!!

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