Friday, December 23, 2005

Is it the novelty or am I loving it ?

As I struggled to open my eyes in the winter darkened 8.00a.m. the first thought that my neurons processed was "Hey, wat can I blog today?" ...........Well.. I dunno yet if that is because I love blogging so much or if it's becos it is the latest happening in my life... Hope my interest doesnt wane and I keep blogging!
I have applied to the Round 1 at Indian School of Business and had my interview on 15th Dec'05. So I was dismayed when I opened my mail box today and saw a mail sub - Interview decision. Since it's here much ahead of the admission decisions, I was sure it was a reject....and it started out like a typical reject letter too... but thank heavens!!!! it was an announcement that results will be delayed by a week.....Hmmm agony prolonged by a week... nice way to start the new year huh!

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