Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back to blogging

I know I've been away for longer than usual...However that was because I took a weekend trip to Newark,NJ to visit D and now I am going to wirte a flurry of blogs to make up!!!!!

Oh yeah, before I start writing about my trip, a special message to my dearest hus for looking after SS while I was away. I know that not all guys can do it - looking after a 9 month old for 2 whole days and even if they can very few would offer to do it so that their wife can take a pleasure trip to visit her best friend. All this without one small whine or complaint - Thanks a million Sam. Like always, U r the best husband ever!!!

And my dearest SS, was absolutely happy without her mom and behaved herself. She's a sweetie! But I gotta tell u, I was a little disappointed that she dint miss me - after all this is the first time in 9 months she has been without me.. well I cant really complain can I?

I landed in Newark on Saturday morning but we got home only at 11 in the night...we went to "Little India " - I am going to call Edison,NJ by that name...I am so jealous of u guys who live in the vicinity - there is no reason for u to miss India at all - from desi food to desi clothes to desi movies - u name it u got it - Imagine, they have even started an "├Źndus American Bank" ...Though it is in not my first time here I always wonder if this is some modern Colonisation technique that we Indians are using in America! I have seen this in several cities like Chicago, Houston, Toronto [Canada], Philly, etc. - But colonisation or no colonisation, it was a lot of fun and it felt like me and D were back in Chennai, hanging out in Pondy Bazaar. We were all full of giggles and laughter, just like we were in college - I guess we'll never grow out of this!

Then we went to the Woodbridge mall, had dinner at Applebee's and finally decided to get back home. I have wanted to watch "Shawshank Redmeption" for a while now and finally got the chance to do it... Man, wasnt it one awesome movie!!! I loved it....
Sunday dawned and we went to NYC... Since I am in love with the city, I 'll wirte a separate post on that.. Keep watchin this space!!!

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