Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I dont know why but, it immensly pisses me off when someone attributes my successes to my gender..It just disturbs me that people still hold these attitudes towards women. Today in one of the groups, there were mentions that females have made it to ISB with lower GMAT scores, earlier it was a discussion about how top insitutes "compromise " quality and raise their sexual diversity by admitting females!!! Duh! does that even make sense??? Not to me......as far as I do see, there a quite as many males who have gotten through with low scores.I feel that everyone has been given a fair chance and clearly those who were admitted outdid the others irrespective of any criteria. It is outrageuos that people would attribute their failures to "male" inequality,which is a consequence of favoritism to the fairer sex!!!!!!!!!

And wat surprises me is the fact that this doesnt bother hundreds of others in the group except me......Last time I voiced my opinions and landed up looking like a shrew...!!!!!!!!

People told me all along I am a feminist - I always disagreed.... Now I am not so sure!!!!!!!!


Anuj said...

Wow congrats for ur admit to ISB ..

Indian Blogger said...

Nice blog.!! Enjoy the ISB experience.

Manu said...

Soumya. Hundreds of others kept quiet. Maybe some of them think that its a fact of life.. and you can either accept it or sit and whine about it.. No doubt they are trying to pick the best candidates, but, it is also a fact that they want to reach some magical figure of percentage of admits for women.

You know about the quota system in TN right? Do you think that its unfair that people belonging to SC & ST have a separate quota? NO! It is a fact that they don't have as much facilities as people in the cities do. So, due to circumstances, they may not be able to score as much a leading student from the city. Does that mean he/she is any less intelligent or hard working? I don't think so. On a similar analogy, I don't think a quota is necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't always mean that someone of inferior intellect got a place he/she didn't deserve.

Ignore those who whine about it. At this point, they are just in self doubt and are trying to find reasons for them not being able to get an admit. No need to be pissed for this. Just take a step back and look at all that you'll have to handle. Two kids, family, ISB, etc, etc. Do you think any of those whiners could take on so much? If I were you, I'd be laughing at that silly remark.

Krishna said...

Hi Sowmya,
This is Venkatakrishna...I understand ur feelings...am an R1 admit too. Saw the mails in the gorups u were referring too. I wud suggest u ignore them coz those r frustrated words of a person who got waitlisted/rejected. Sympathy for such ppl may b difficult but I guess v r all mature enough to empathise n ignore. As for urself...ur an Anna grad...u wud b adding diversity thru ur pharma exp...so ISB selected u for all the right reasons...so let go of such thoughts and look ahead.

brandy said...

Well honey.. u definitely sound like a shrew.. the reason being you lack in communicating diplomatically ur thoughts. your concerns are acceptable that someone is attributing a female admit as more of a biksha thrown by ISB adcom. well this is definitely not true.ISB is trying to increase the percentage of female admits. but everyone is evaluated separately.
take it easy dudette.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbours admit.

I think learn to compose yourself and try to communicate your ideas in a diplomatic/subtle way.Otherwise when you introduce yourself in the class somebody would immediately correlate your introduction to the caustic reply mail that you responded to a shrill. Oh.. it is that sowmya who sent stinker reply in the group.

brandy said...

any thoughts..

Yugs said...

Hey Soumya. I agree with manu as well as brandy. You sound really agressive as well as defensive in your posts which makes you sound more like a feminist and cuts down the credibility.

The fact is that yes, ISB wants females, so that acts as an advantage to us. They will definitely not compromise on quality though (I got rejected last yr but was accepted in my 2nd attempt. I knew where I lacked and I built on the weak points)BUT, the female advantage does earn few brownie pts. No harm accepting that. But we are in no ways inferior. As Manu said, managing family and ISB is not an easy task as well as a decision and I toast you on your achievement.

3 cheers to women power!!!! :-)

btw, I am also for the life science industry. See you at ISB!!!

tiger said...

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