Thursday, January 12, 2006

People people people

People come in all types and makes.....some are nice, some are grumpy, some are weird, some are haughty... and some are plain puzzling. Interacting in a huge group, I seem to come across all the types that exist. Some people just seem to have problems accepting that they lost - rather than introspecting what went wrong, they want to blame the rules of the game.

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brandy said...

listen dudette..

Mr X is an r2 applicant and not a R1 reject or waitlist..

he is quite experienced and clearly voiced his views.. it may be a mind game to distract potential R2 applicants make them demotivated.. but tomorrow thats how corporate politics will be .. pure mind games dear..

if you have made it.. help others ditch opinions that does nt matter to you ..

Mr Z is smart.. why should he expose his identity..

Learn to live with such people sweety..

take care all the best for the road ahead in the next 1yr.