Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The latest Vacuum Cleaner!!!!!!!

We have the latest model of vacumm cleaner at home - brand name SS!! Yup of course it is my little devil of a daughter that I am talking about.. I have recognised what her talents are even at this early stage - it is a flair for observing the minutest detail... She finds the smallest speck of "kuppai" on the carpet, worse still she goes searching for it...and then it is a direct floor to finger to mouth pathway. I have no clue how many bits of paper and trash she has eaten!!!! No bouts of diahorrea or unfortunate choking incidents - Thank God.... But then I have realised she is not unique in her talent - all kids seem to go through this stage of trash picking [ more crassly put in tamil - kuppai porukkradhu] and the worst is that this is a way of learning ! WOW! Wait why the hell cant she learn from the umpteen fisher price developmental toys that lie abandoned in her nursery.... well then how would she be a kid if she did anything normally - she's gotta do the stupidest things and thats what makes her cute and of course I adore her for all the cleaning she does for me:)))))

PS: I have become more alert since I heard one of my friends say that his son bit into a leech - yes u heard it right, a leech - when he was going through this stage. Poor guy, the first nonvegetarian in his family. I also read a very consoling article about this in Amercan baby which ends like this "sometimes you just have to let go... most kids dont get past this stage without eating several shreds of paper, lots of spoilt food and a few beetles^!!!!!!!" !@#@%$^%*&&$#@#!$%

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