Friday, January 20, 2006

Way to go Bro!!!!!!!

Hey VSK, this one's for u from ur proud sis!!! CONGRATS...

Yes. My brother, doing his MBA at UMich just made it into Deutsche Bank for an internship...He is still looking to interview with Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Leeman Brothers - wat a line up!!!!!! Well going back to our history as siblings, I hated him from the core of my heart till about 10 years of age because he called me names and practiced karate punches on me... After that I grew up enough and made my fullest effort to make him hate me. When he got thru IITM - the separation kinda glorified our affection. He became my role model , an inspiration and a person who sets my target!! Ever since I have been trying to out do him... But Alas!!! with my little brain I have been unsuccessful so far - Hey but I will beat u to being a millionaire bro, dont u dream of snatching that from me:))))))))

Anyways, thanks for being there for me when I 've needed u! Thanks for being the great brother you are.. you make me, amma and appa so proud of u. CONGRATS!and GOOD LUCK!

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