Sunday, January 22, 2006

My little prank caller.......

9 months old and making prank calls already! This little girl of mine is really dangerous I better be careful with her:))))

10.30 am:
SMS is at work. SS who woke up early has played with all her toys for 30 seconds each and is now bored with everything... I give her newer snd newer toys like the TV remote, key bunches whatever I can find. I am scared to give her my cell cos she accidentally calls up some unwanted freinds on my list and then I am in a tight spot when they call me back....So I gave her the cordless landline fone and she was playing with it a lot of excitement.

10.40 am :
Surprisingly SS is still playing with the fone.. I am more than relieved that she is occupied with something. D calls. I am telling her I am in a rare moment where SS is interested in something other than me.. Further I explain the cell is too easy for her to make a call but on the landline, she surely cant dial 10 numbers and make call... So I spent another blissful quarter hour without her "pikkal, pudungal"

11.00 am : SS had gotten sleepy so she starts doing everything her capability to distract me from doing anything.

11.15 am: I was singing in the loudest possible voice to put her sleep... knock! knock! knock! oops maybe I was too loud - one of my neighbors whom i've never met is probably here to complain? or maybe SMS ordered something surprise for me - is it ups,USPS or Fedex to deliver it? With all these thoughts I opened the door..

Any guesses as to who it was?

There were 2 cops standing there..."did someone call 911 [the emergency number in US] from ur house? is everyone alrite here?" - I was like "no, we are ok" thankfully I carried SS to the door and the cop looked at her and then it struck me '- " oh this little monster" . I apologised profusely - they were extremely nice and left with a knowing smile.

Oh my goodness.. imagine the probability of her unknowing fingers dailing 3 digits and those being 9-1-1!!!!!!! All my bad time......!!!

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