Friday, January 20, 2006


Hey someone found me interesting enough to copy stuff from my blog to theirs... I would have been flattered if it was one of my articles, instead I am annoyed becos someone has plagiarised my "about me " section! This guy writes the subtitle for his blog as "the guy-nxt-door who loves living!!! I suffer of OCO(Obssessive Compulsive Optimism) and have an uncanny knack of looking only at the brighter side of life!" - Havent u all seen that somewhere??? Well it is there on the right side of this page word by word....

If Mr.SN who hosts this blog thinks he can get away just because his blog is older than mine.. I am cool with it. After all I have a brain that comes up with its "own creative ideas" and wat I wrote about me really refelcts wat I am. So,I dont care.. but Mr.SN a small piece of my mind - next time u plagiarize, see to that it is from an undetectable source...Lotsa people from the yahoo group read my blog and now yours also - u put both of us in soup.

Now that I am here on the topic, I might as well explain what OCO is. OCO is a term I coined for the disorder I suffer... Actually I derivedit from a higher disorder called OCD [Obssessive Compulsive Disorder].Yes it is the same disease that Jack Nicholson has in "As Good as it gets" - for those of u havent seen the movie, people with OCD have an obssession for orderliness/cleanliness. Similiarly I have an obssession for Optimism. This was first diagnosed by D a few months back. Some symptoms of OCO are:
1. The inability to brood over failures or mistakes for more than an hour
2. The abiltity to convert all the bad things that happened in ur life into good ones by analysing how much U benefitted from those bad experiences!
3. Your glass of milk is always half-full
4. You believe u r a very lucky person to have all that u have
5. When u attempt something u always think u will succeed [ u have back up plans, but deep down u know u wont need one]
6. If the sky is falling on ur head u r just cool and thank god that he granted ur wish of visiting space:)))))))))

Any OCOs out there??

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Shambu Nashipudi said...

hi wundergal,
not sure, should I be sorry or be greatful.

Yes maam, the description U find on my blog is a straight lift from u'r blog, when I read it, I just couldn't beleive I was so close to it, U could say I was inspired and defineltey not plagiarism.

and about being "a small piece of my mind", I guess U are wrong. I would have been u'r batchmate in ISB if I hadn't made it to INSEAD for Jan 2007 batch.

Shambu NR