Thursday, January 12, 2006


Forgetful me..only when I accidently saw the sitemeter I realised I had forgotten that I had added my blog address in the yahoogroup signature...People have been visiting my site - while all the while I was imagining I was writing to just D, SMS and AK !!!!!! I have edited my previous blog ├žos I dont like bitching about people and that is exactly what my unedited blog wud have looked like - a million apologies to all concerned.

also now that some people have visited my site, I hope to put it to some constructive use... no more personal crap! Thanks for motivating me everyone....

A special thanks to all of those who bothered to leave a comment on my previous posts - I greatly appreciate the gesture and it makes me want to blog with more enthusisam......

Alrite.. see u later with better posts!!!

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