Friday, January 13, 2006

An unknown place.....A noble cause!

Memphis - to most people it means Elvis Presley and Rock'nRoll, to others [ mostly desi s/w engineers] it means Fedex world headquarters.... But there is a little known hospital called St.Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital in Memphis. I interned there for short period....It is not so well known as Dana-farber orFox Chase Cancer research places but this is one place where clinical research is "happening " ........ You need more guts than going to war, to sit in the cafetereia and watch those little ones [the hospital serves kids under 17] being drawn around in carts, dragging their IV along, bald heads and skeleton bodies - It makes u pray even if u r an atheist.

Basically, at St.Jude they are converting lab protcols to treatment methodologies and they have succeeded in tremendously increasing the survival rates for several terminal illnesses. Working there is gratifying - that is what I call job satisfaction!!

But not many people know about this place. If someone you know has a child with a severe disease and they dont know where to go please direct them to they cover all treatment costs if u do not ahve insurance. You can also help by spending on products that have the st jude logo.

Of all the places I have gone to, this is the place that disturbs me the most yet it is the place that gives me hope that the world will be a much better place soon. Will visit the campus before I leave Memphis.........

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Anuj said...

well it takes a lot of emotional strength to visit such places and be optimistic..