Friday, February 10, 2006

All things bright and beautiful

The good God made them all!!!

Sure as hell he did..

As a researcher, I do believe in Darwinian theory of evolution... But on some days when I see certain inequalities that exist, I think Science could not have been this erroneous.. it must have been something [super]hu'MAN' that shaped evolution. How come the XYs got so much favoritsm over XXs in the process of evolution is beyond my understanding!!!

From ovulation to orgasm the females have gotten a bad bargain !!! Except for having to put a razor on their face every morning [which many XYs get away with avoiding] I do not see a problem with being a male. We XXs endure monthly pain and discomfort, then also have to go through pregnancy and labor. Yeah and the reproductive capability tapers off at 30. So during the career-wise most productive time in life XXs who are interested in having a family have to cross the hurdles and yet keep in line with their XY counterparts. But males? huh!!!

And these hurdles are just wat nature dictates on us!

Then, there are the societial whims that XXs have to comply to....Do XYs worry about going to a tuition class or any class that ends late in the evening or have to convince parents how important it is to go across the country to attend a good instituion? Do they have to endure or counter sexual harassment on the road, in a bus, in institutions? In the eastern culture, it is still a crime if a female considers her career on par with her family...

And then this latest thing - a female achieves because corporate and educational insitutions are trying to "balance" - whatever that is!!!! There are lot of females who try to misuse "women power" by trying to get a reservation for anything and everything.. But most sensible women dont do that. Being a female is not a handicap to give special consideration and we dont need one!

After all this, I have no idea why testostrone is considered the stronger hormone while my whole hearted vote goes to Estrogen! Because inspite of every disadvantage XXs have managed to equal XY s in almost all walks of life.

So Gals! We are all just so gutsy!!!! Three cheers to females all over the world for having lived and proved oursleves........

So to finish what I started, is God an chauvinist? Or is it just me?!

PS: For those of u who dont know the male chromosomal content is 44+ XY and for the female it is 44+XX.. In short XY and XX!


Sundeep said...

Dear XX Sowmya,

To me XX are pretty priveleged.. they are the creators of LIFE !! So is it not a blessing rather than a curse ??

In a movie (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) there was a statment ... Man is the head of the family but the woman is the neck and can sway the head in any manner !!


More on this issue when we meet...


XY Sundeep

Wundergal said...

Alrite Sundeep, more on it when we meet