Saturday, February 25, 2006

Time and tide wait for none...

However cliched the topic is, yesterday while in shower I was hit by a realisation that made me see this statement in a whole different angle.
Certain things happening in my life at this point made me wonder .. [yes, I am only that sort of a wonder girl!]about this..
People forget to do things in life when it has to be done. NO! I am not talking about wasting time when u have to study for an exam. I am thinking of - the dad who forgets to spend time with his kids, the mom who doesnt understand her kids, the boy who fails to propose his love, the girl who keeps waiting for the boy to propose, the friend who doesnt stand up for their pal, the husband who doesnt care, the wife who nags her husband, people who keep analysing whether or not to commit, the son or daughter who insult their parents, college days spent in sincerely attending classes.... the list is endless!

I know ... Are u thinking how these instances are related to the topic?

Oh well, we only get a single chance to do certain things -
to love, to bring up a kid, to romance around, to take care, to express our feelings and lot of other things like that...All of us really wish we could reverse atleast one or two instances in our life... right?!

So, if u miss that chance, that moment- Its gone!! How much ever u lament that lost moment, it will never ever come back.. Never. I think if at all there is a possiblity of inventing a time continueum vortex [Courtesy: Boy meets world] that reverses time, it would be the lastest invention in the world....

So go ahead and give life best shot - time and tide wait for none!!

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