Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good & Great !!!!!!!

"GOOD is the enemy of GREAT"

I read this in another blog and I really loved the way it conveyed an excellent opinion about life so succinctly....So, I decided to argue about it too!

I guess most of u in a position to read this blog are in the good stage of life. Whether u make it to greatness depends on how u treat ur goodness. I frankly feel Good need not always be an enemy of Great or so I think!!

See u can treat how good u r in life in 3 ways,

1. U never acknowledge how much u put in to get to the good stage and keep driving only at Great. Great is ur destination a Good is just spot on the way to the destination and it doesnt make u happy, in fact u dont even notice it. It is very difficult for this kind of people to find happiness in life

2. U know u r doing good and u r happy about it. But u have the the ambition to make it great. The very fact that u have made it upto good makes u feel confident that u move upto great. So here good is an inspiration for great.

3. U are good and become too complacent to take the step towards Great or being good is playing safe.. moving towards great might just be too risky. This is when Good is the enemy of Great.

Oh Well! so much for my analysis of the relation between good and great! But here again I 've got to mention that g & G are not absolute terms - they are extremely relative.

My prof in college Mr.Sanjay Ghosh, always used to say "When u measure height dont look at the head, look where they are standing. Two people might look like they are of same height, but one might be standing on a platform" Very true. Becoming a doctor in these days of high competetion, is not great in itself, if ur parents are doctors - the platform on which u r standing is very high! ur quest for Great shoud stretch farther than becoming a Doc. HOwever, if u studied in a village corporation school and ur parents are peasants, becoming a Doctor in itslef is a Great thing!

But finally wat matters is u should be happy in life. U get to live but once - dont miss the chance in ur search for Greatness!


Anonymous said...

Wow Soumya....its an amazing eye opening article....as one never tends to dwell so much on this topic:) its nice n ive come to realize that sometimes in certain cases....im at spot 2 and others at 3!!!!
a very thin line bet the two....but i guess the ans lies in out willpower:)


very true , Soumya

Indian Blogger said...

Pretty thought provoking views (especially about the Doctor child of peasant parent's).!

Wundergal said...

Woooow! I wasnt expecting so many comments for this post!
Seems like my philosophical side is really good!!!!!! Thanx people for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

i enjoid reading every word of ur blog! some of them more that once ;-)

Wundergal said...

Thanks B for that anonymous comment

Anonymous said...

wht happnd wondergirl waiting 4 the excess freedom blog!!!!
- B

Wundergal said...

wait b...it'll take a while!

Sree said...

Absolutely good piece of writing...just came across ur blog courtesy Rams blog....

Ur blog is really interesting..and readable..full flow of life....