Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get set..and GO!!!

Alrite the first week at ISB has started with a BANG!!!

To start with the campus is really impressive.... and I love the cozy studio that I have been alloted with a balcony that faces Microsoft..The people - the staff, the alumni, the housekeeping and my batchmates are all just awesome...the organisation is fantastic... and I am stopping here before I run out of adjectives!

The past 5 days have been packed with activity and after the first 2 days, I have realised the futitlity of trying to attend every single presenation and every single session! I have interacted with lots of people now.. but I remember a only a handful of them. I am in the first most study group of the batch with an impressive mix of people. The parties are extreme fun....My laptop was out for formatting and now that its back I think I shall capture moments and thoughts more regulary and in greater detail!

But the days have been so full , that I am beginning to wonder how I am gonna balance things if this continues/worsens...I hope, I will make it through just like every other time!!!


Vikram said...

Good luck.
How big are the study groups?

Kapil said...

grt!! lookin fwd 2 ur musings

camelpost said...

IIMB will have a Singapore Shanty 4700 Sqft, 3 hour working day and just one faculty to conduct world class Management Education. I wonder if the above meets so called AICTE specifications. On the contrary ISB which has world class facilities at Hyderabad has been questioned by AICTE about maintaining standards. Its time the AICTE joke is called off. AICTE you stand exposed in your standards.

Venkat said...

"I am in the first most study group of the batch with an impressive mix of people."

I like this line-- makes me feel good :))))))))))))))))))

Ford Prefect said...
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Ford Prefect said...

what did I tell you ... Its gonna be so hectic that You wont have time to catch a breath and say "damn that was fun"..
Looks like You are in SV3 .. dont forget to touch the Nirvana Rock everyday and pray for the job of your dreams .. The Rock grants all wishes.. ;-)

Wundergal said...

Vik: Thanks..I need all the luck in the world. There are bout 6-7 in a group.

kapil: keep looking..lots to come

camelpost: Bureacracy is sometihng we have all gotten used to dealing with and ISB is no exception

Venkat: that was the whole point yaar to make u all feel good:))))

Ford prefect: I'm sorry..I dint realise the golden rule of ISB.." never go aginst alum gyaan".. :))) Well anyways i'm SV-1 not 3...will try and touch the nirvana Rock when I am there