Monday, May 22, 2006

A post long overdue......

The past few days I have been going through a myriad of emotions -

Surprise -
I barely had time to realise a thing and its more than half term already

A feeling of loss -
when Prof . Bob Stine who taught stats told us last week that it was his last class, I could not help but feel sad. He was a phenomenal teacher and his knowledge base was astonishing. I have taken a stats course at the grad and undergrad level, but this time around stats was a revelation - it was not just a combination of means and errors and variances- it was amazingly interesting bcos I learnt wat each of these meant in the context of the real world. Thanks Bob!

Deja Vu -
of undergrad days, where most of the time - open book exam meant "DANGER" and studying doesnt matter if u r not a pro at the subject already. The economics mid-term was a disaster to others who were very me it was no surprise, I was expecting a tough paper and knew it was going to be disaster for me - But I was not expecting such a large scale massacre!

my "to do" list is always atleast 15 items long and most of the time I keep carrying over stuff for several days before I get done. On top of the assignments, and quizzes I also need some time to spend with SS and that is becoming increasingly difficult as time goes by. All this with a broken leg just makes things all the more interesting [if u know wat I mean!]

the only solace I have been getting apart from all the great support from everyone around me is my Ferrari [aka my wheelchair]....I think it has helped in the healing of my leg quite a lot and I'm loving the feeling of whizzing on it...However it will be gone soon.

Relief -
Doc says my hairline fracture is healing pretty well and my cast shud come off this weekend

As is evident from my previous post. always life here is a very mixed bag of emotions - just a lot more variety to choose from:)))

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