Saturday, May 20, 2006

Screw u Mr.Arjun Singh!!!

Mr.Arjun Singh, how can u be so damn cheap as to barter the country's education system for a some thousand votes....Do u f*****g know who exactly is using the reservations now...I'll tell u - the kids of top executives in public sectors and industry owners who were convent educated from their kindergarten, driven to and fro in chauffered cars, are the ones using the system now...Why would my classmate, whose dad is my dad's colleague, who scores less than me be given preferential treatment??? Are u trying to recreate the caste system in retrograde manner?

And if at all u do have a brain inside that head of urs, do u realise that the people who really need the reservations havent even got their primary education? Some of the really deserving backward classes dont have a clue that they have reservations...Go and first take care of their basic education will ya moron?

And hello, do u think u will gain more votes through this reservation than the ones you are losing by all the atrocities you are unleashing on the anti reservation activists? The media might ignore it but, do u think we dont know how students are being beaten up like animals and chased like thieves - ur police force always does a good job of such things doesnt it?!!

After all this, I am not anti-reservation.. I am for a reservation that is designed more like what krishnan's got on his blog...It has its own set of loopholes... But the world we live in is not utopia and I still think a reservation based on economic and parent's educational background is far more sensible than one that's based on caste sytem. The caste system that our constitution so abhors on the other hand is made stronger each day by such stupid reservations.

How I really wish, our country was in better hands!!!!


Arjun Singh said...

jump in... what are you waiting for...u have all the necessary attributes to be the female template of George Bush Jr....

how i wish the Indian government coming down for placements this year... :(

Wundergal said...

gee..Thanks U Mr.Arjun Singh...I am flattered that u think so "highly" of me!!!

Wundergal said...
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HungryandRestless said...

A Fitting reply to reservationists

தமிழ் தீவிரவாதி said...

Ur blood is gonna Boil if u click and read this Link . Ha Ha HA

Thats our stance . U cannt succeed in this southern strong hold .

Creative-nits said...

I loved the F*****g thing!Braavo! for the post written in right words!

I only guess that there is a 'Rang-de-basanti' in the making in real life!


Anuj said...

It is really frustrating to see the gimmicks of these politicians to gain some votes and screwing our country.

You are correct in saying tht we need to help ..but the right ppl .. not those whose dad's are IAS officers and still use reservation to get admission

Wundergal said...

Tamil terrorist - I really dont get the point...I know TN is leading the way and it irritates me all the more
H&R - thanks forthe link
Nits - RDB?? yes but I dont want any lives spoilt trying to kill a stupid minister...Thanks for all the appreciation
Anuj - how I wish!

ashok said...

strong words..i agree