Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Abandoned blog - II

So one flight and one overnight train later I found myself in Trichy for a 3 day term break [if u can call it that]. But I was extremely happy to see my little one whom I had packed off in lieu of exams. One week is the longest I've been without her and I missed her - but she dint seem to care- as long as there was someone around to pamper her she is a happy soul! She is learning to walk, one laborious step after another - it was really exciting. So that is how I spent my three days cuddling with her, lotsa junk food, two books and some TV.

Of the two books I read, one was Da Vinci code - the one book I have put off reading for the longest period of time... But finally finished it in a day [I am addicted to books - if I start a book I cant sleep without finishing it! And that applies only for fiction.] Maybe I was expecting too much from the book - it dint impress me as much as I expected it would.

So, now I am back on campus, ready for the grind of Term 2 which according to alum experience was the worst of the 8 monsters. Having slain term 1 successfully and having acquired some experinetial learning on the do's and dont's I am wiser and must supposedly act more sensibly this term [though history tells me otherwise -hope is always good]....

Here I come term 2.......

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