Monday, June 12, 2006

Abandoned Blog

I have been away for too long - by my standards..... and there is loads to catch up on..

So yes! the first term is officially over and we start term 2 today. As for the end term exams, I am really not sure how exactly I did, but I know did decently enough not to flunk, so I am happy. I felt like a convict wh escaped prison the day the exams were over - I could not handle the freedom of doing whatever I want to with my time....I made a zillion plans to attend every other party that happend on and off-campus..Yet when I got home all I did was hit the bed and woke after a good 12 hours!

And I woefully realised I hade to endure 2 days of Leadership Development [LDP] before I earn my term break...As frustrated as I was with the program I am surprised it did go well and at the end of it I really learnt a lot about my speaking and presentation skills. We utilised the one evening we got to get out into the city. My group and our allies in LDP -group A2 went out for dinner to "Southern Spice" - and spice it was....loads of it.. but the food was good, company was even better and there was no dearth of fun!

And what I did for term break will follow soon cos' at this point I am sick of typing!

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