Friday, June 16, 2006

This and that..

There is so much happening around that there is a lot of disconnect in my thoughts and so this post is going to be as scattered as my mind is right now!

As bewildered as I am this term, I must say I am enjoying this pace - call me a masochist, call me an idiot, call me a gloat - but I prefer my life to move like a tornado rather than being a breeze. If u r the kind who loves some adrenalin rushing in ur system at all times this is the place to be!!

Had been to "liquids"(a pub around here) last week...felt really good to get out of the campus. I missed the "Arabian nights" thing on campus, but for once instead of just networking, I got to spend time with people who mean something to me [hopefully it is the other way round too], let some steam out, complained and bitched about everything under the sun, and had lotsa fun! But remember never take an auto after 2 long island iced teas !!!

After the initial days of hanging out with nobody in general, now I have developed an idea of where I am wanted, where I belong, my "comfort zones", where I dont want to be, etc. Also, I am might pleased with my performance in the first term - no, I dint ace any exam - just hovering around the average. But, I always gauge my perofrmance only by the ratio of input to output and on that gauge I have been clearly very efficient. Sadly, I also realise that it mightnot work in this term.

I lost the elections for sports club - which I knew was coming!

A conversation at the dining hall,
PP: "Where the F*** do u get the time to blog?"
Me: "When I leave the f*** out of my life I do get the time to blog.."

I know thats like a real PJ ....But apparently PP, DR, and S who were at the table found it very hilarious and requested I put it on the blog -So here it is! PS: If u r wondering WTF why do u *** the F word -WTF I dunno, jus becos everyone else does!

With that I'll leave u all to spend ur time doing more constructive things....

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