Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here we go again!

I am just settling into the 2nd term, getting cushy, playing markstrat, watching commanding heights, gettting used to bad grades and here they go again - MIDTERMS!!! Can u believe that??? well I cudnt - so I lived in denial til yesterday after which I realised more denial might deny my chance of graduating from here....So here I go again, deep into my books, optimally distributing my time, wondering about the comparative advantage of studying macroeconomics over decision models to maxmise grades [Hey, see I can apply my concepts in the real world:)) I'm sorry if you are not an ISBian u might not appreciate my application oriented statement]

There has been so much written on the dabbawallas' presentation, that I dont want to reiterate it further other than saying I was mighty impressed. But there was another talk, much less publicised, by the marketing head of Yash Raj Films - it was a good talk...I got introduced to the concpet of "content marketing" which was quite interesting. And another one by the VP of Nokia, India on brand marketing. Again there were a lot of excellent takeaways. On the whole, attending the speaker series organised by different clubs is an excellent way of adding newer, real-life dimensions to concepts learnt in class.....

There is always more to write... but right now I better get back to my books.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Wundergal,
I saw your blog while searching for more info on ISB. I liked it a lot cos i saw you as a woman who is pursuing her dreams even after having a child ( I too am a mother who is not bold enough!).. i guess u have to if u want to be happy..
Best wishes..

Wundergal said...

Thanks Archana! I dont think having a kid should stop u from pursuing ur dreams...of course u need support of everyone around u. But if u really want to do something nothing can stop u...Good luck..