Monday, September 18, 2006


If I asked which is the most backward continent, I am sure all of you would say Africa without batting an eyelid....

Well here are some comparitive statistics that Prof.ShivaKumar, told us in the Government, Society & Business class today..

Female Literacy:
India - 47%
Sub-Saharan Africa: 54%

Child Malnutrition:
India - 47%
SS Africa: lesser than that (cant recall exact number)

Assuming African data is fudged, the Indian data is supposedly very reliable..So even without the comparison why are our numbers so pathetic?!!

South Asia (which is mostly India) is the hub of atrocious gender inequality - read this article by Amartya Sen - "More than 100 million Indian women are missing"

My reaction - WTF? Incredible India it is..... for all the wrong reasons!

PS: My blog has been reading like a human rights activists' blog for the past coupla posts...I am not one yet, have some aspirations though.. Will change gears to other things soon!