Thursday, September 21, 2006

Of deadlines and more...

Deadlines - whoever named it that, i want to fall on his/her feet, he or she had so much insight. Are u wondering why.. well when u r trying to met deadlines, u either die trying to meet them or die if u dont meet them - and that is why it is deadline - when u reach the line u r dead!!..see now u agree that whoever coined the term was a visionary:)))

Well, that comes out of a few consecutive days of sleepless nights trying to meet deadlines for assignments, ELP, competitions and whatever else is there!! Things dont happen until that deadline is one feet away and you know if u dont start even now you'll die...and as always, when u start that close to the deadline my favorite philosophy gets proven "If u do things in the last minute - it takes only a minute":))) Oh! how I love that adrenaline rush that happens in the last minute......But one interesting observation - people I have noticed, have a propensity to die meeting the deadlines rather than not meet them (that includes me too!)

Tie-ISB Connect is happening and there is a lot of fun stuff to know about starting your own ventures. I'll give u more insight after attending some sessions tommorrow. The CM was here for the inaugural causing some noise pollution on the campus. Other than that there is an elevator pitch happening for real wannabes to real VC's - of course for obvious reasons it is not an open-to-all event....I would have loved to attend it otherwise!!

I'll sign off right here.. bye......


Anonymous said...

ur older style of blog was better than this; the background /font etc; unsolicited advise if u can call it and do make note of it

Wundergal said...

dint like this much myself...was plannig to change it sometime.. will do it soon...thanks for ur suggestion anon!