Monday, July 16, 2007

Not done yet!

Well.. have postponed this for too long...but then there are times when no level of epxression is as good as writing and so here I am back to my blog...

Life after ISB has been realxing for most people..In my case it has been more realxed than at ISB but my travails as a toddler's mom doing the balancing act continues...Setting up home, buying stuff, finding a good play school, managing work hours and home hours and trying to act like a b-school grad is taking a lot of energy leaving little time to do much else. After a long long time I went blog hopping today and there were markstrat and macroeco talks in all the 2008 blogs -I winced - Its a year!!! I cannot beleive it. Sometimes, when u just keep doing ur things mechnaically you forget time, place and all other dimensions. Suddenly one day when u stop and take perspective of wats been happening it hits u like a bludger in quidditch (alrite I am a die-hard HP fan and the excitemnt is getting on me) and all you can do is swoon under the impact....Today thats wat happened!

My job has been going good....Happy with my choice so far. The business unit I work for has not broken even yet and is somewhat in a start up mode. So I am getting best of both the worlds...Hope to be here more often...Lets see!


Swapnil Nadkar said...

good to see you blog after such a long time...where ru working? :)

intoku said...

Hi Wundergal,

Having a look to ypur profile I've seen we share afavourite book: The alchemist, superb!



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deepanjali said...

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Anonymous said...


I got to your blog from one of your post on the ISB yahoogroup. I am based in the US too and have interviewed for R1.Wanted to talk to someone about post MBA life in India and the logistics of moving. Is there an email to reach you?

Wundergal said...

Email me at

Kapil said...

hey wundergal visitin ur blog almost a yr ... hope life is gud :)

roadandsong said...

You could have the praised your great colleagues(God's gift to BD/DB-BT/DRL/IN) in a more structured manner.

And yes, run a spell checker once in while before you blabber [:D]

God's gift

roadandsong said...


I appreicate the effort!

At leasr yu did soem wokr i noffice.

No bad words please! continue the so called good girl act!

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