Monday, May 11, 2009

Elusiveness of Dreams...

First of all, before I start writing - this is my pet theory which will win the Nobel Peace Prize fifty years down the lane.. now read on...

All of us have dreams and aspirations and typically well prioritzed ones. Some people dream more intensly than others who dream less intensely than the some people (Duh! that was intendedly constrcuted to be funny - atleast smile now). 

The "others" who dream less intensely, I term as bovine, with no offense whatsoever! I envy them - imagine our very useful mooey friends - they graze, they sit in the shade and ruminate, sleep long hours, aspiring only to make more milk or meat which happens by design than them putting any special effort into it...well I see this harmless contented nature in people too - if you're one of them, please just go to the house of your religion, TODAY and offer the lavishest contribution you can afford - you're lucky. You have no clue of suffering.
Moving on to the "some people"  who are relatively less in proportion as opposed to the bovine people - they are the subjects of this theory. We'll call them "Rogered to Death for Dreaming" or RDD. So RDDs aspire, they dream, of things that they rather not talk about lest they be sent to the asylum, the dreams are the meaning of their lives, they live to see these dreams come true, irrespective of how unreachable the dream is to anyone else, the RDDs belive they'll get there and plod on each day....Alas! there is one more truth to the life of an RDD -they always see people who live RDD's much coveted dream, extremely easily, without an effort....

Now that the subject of my theory is well defined - here is the hypothesis of my theory....

"Any person who is an RDD, will always face obstacles directly proportional to the importance/intensity of  the dream, in the path to achieving it. To any other person who is living the RDD's dream, that dream does NOT seem precious -  beacause they are either bovine in which case it doesnt matter, or if its another RDD, he is frustrated trying to reach his own dream. Once and if  an RDD realises his dream, he would have paid such a high price on the way to achieving it, that it might not seem worth it
Thus as a combination of  intense wishing and utter frustration of seeing other individuals achieve their dream,  RDDs are unhappy for the major part of their lives trying to realise their dream and spend an unhappier rest of their lives trying to make that dream last...."

I am in the process of collecting data on RDD's and bovines to prove this hypothesis. I already have statisitcally significant proof that this hypothesis is right. But I'd like a larger sample size.

If this theory is proven then I'd propogate the strategy to live as follows:

1. Are you a bovine or an RDD? - Run the self diagnosis test priced at 9.99$ (corporate discounts available)
2. If you are a bovine you can carry on and live happily everafter
3. If you are an RDD - first of all we are sorry to hear that. But you'll be even more sorry to hear that, in case you really want happiness, then you need an expensive brain surgery that places an exicitement nullifier (under invention - may have to be personalised) in the hyperactive regions of your brain as result of which you start exhibiting bovine charecterstics
4. In case you do not want to undergo the surgery, we suggest that you get used to being unhappy or try mediation to calm your nerves.

Overall the theory may sound vaguely close to the concpet of Nirvana that was popularised by Buddha a few centuries ago. However, I swear this was all my own thinking and there are several addendums that are as yet unexplored in this philosophy.

Well, I get the peace prize, because if I succeed, then everybody would become bovine and there'll be no conflicts in a  world that has no desires... See, I'm smart:P But, the only caveat to this entire theory being,  RDD's are so strongly imbibed with a need to desire, somewhat intensely that too, so they might start desiring "bovinism" intensely and therefore be unhappy.... Well life's like that!


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