Monday, June 08, 2009


Typically when I'm on this space I have fairly clear idea of what I am going to dawdle about. Today I dont - I'm blogging for the heck of it..cos writing - just anything seems like a relief...Hence the topic...

Incident#1: Was at crossword yest with my daughter who is now 4 and my 7 yr kiddy niece. The 7 year old looked at some puppet books that the 4 year old was reading and she goes " Wow! how much fun these younger kids have. When I was four years old, I never had anything like this"  
My reaction- Welcome to the real world of growing up! -  Nothing is ever enough and it sucks mighty big time...

Incident #2: Monsoon showers in Hyderabad -downpour it was - beautiful as always. Rain brings out the romantic in me.. always. Drizzle feels like powdered sugar being sprinkled on chocolate cake, rain drops rippling into fresh puddles with that one jumping drop of water (see picture)- my heart jumps with it, the rain breeze loaded with chillness of the oncoming rain, is like a million feathers pouring down, the most unbeatable of them all, the scent of wet earth - it creates this sense of Deja Vu and I'm back to my childhood - I simply love the monsoons..and its here for another 3 months in Hyd..Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Down the memory lane 2.1:  Last year, when the first rains happened, I was driving and I decided to pull over the car in one of the bylane junctions of Banjara hills and decided to savour the moment. I remember, the water pouring down the windshield and the window panes, some hazy greenery dancing wildly in the wind, the people and vehicles a blur, crystal clear melodies playing from from my Sony Xplod, felt like I was in a bubble, stagnated in time, watching the world go by - its a transcendental experience.... Try it!

Incident#3: My first visit to the GVK mall happened. A mall is a mall is mall theory still holds true. The aquarium was the only difference. They had the " blue tang" variety - the fish that comes as Dory in Finding Nemo -happens to be my fav character in the movie -glad to know that the fish actually looks stupid in real life. I would have been disappointed otherwise.

Thought #4: Read this on somebody's email signature - was worth mentioning here.
" Once you've figured out what you want in life, before going for it, figure out what you need to give up to get it - most often than not, the asking price is too high"

Alright, that helped clear my clogged brain..thanks for suffering this incoherent writing....


Anonymous said...

hey cash,
First of all u look sexy in ur new pic for ur blog. I really like the picture. please send the pic to me!
secondly, i didnt know u rite soo well. you have a very great flow in writing. its gotten exemplary over the years. nice thoughts cash. just the same since '98!!!

love u!

Ravalei said...

nice work .. overt emotions !

Wundergal said...

overt emotions? - well that's me! - for the most part:P
- WG