Friday, August 07, 2009


"I desire that I write for myself alone. It is when that which is buried in me finds expression in words, that I myself come to truly know what was buried in me. It may well be that the reason that I write is because I feel that I may discover more and more and come to know what else may be inside me. As I continue to write, and as more and more experiences unfold from within me, and as I become subject to these experiences, it seems to me that I may, in a way, make it possible for me to know who I am."

- Sundara Ramasamy (translation by Nadesan Satyendra from the Tamil original) - Found this on

This stands absolutely true for me - If I had written this myself I could not have phrased it better than this. I write when I am happy, when sad, when I want to capture moments (they work better than photographs for me), when I am frustrated or depressed all I need is a keyboard or a pen to let the thoughts flow out of me and take a form outside of me..Its the bestest relief, for me. I write anonymously on various forums - because it is not appreciation that I seek, it is the liberation of mind's claustrophobia with its own thougts...

As a sidetrack , I find Tamilnation a great resource to understand Tamil literature - makes you realise how much more interesting Tamil classes in school should have actually been!!!


Anonymous said...


The thoughts which are the deepest need to be anonymous, just to make it less inconvenient to reconcile with the world in general. And yeah, anonymity helps in the way it does not even attempt to reconcile...the reconciliation is anyway not needed. If one is able to reconcile within oneself completely , what one is, that's more than what one can ask for!

~ You know who

Wundergal said...

Well you know who - the post was less about anonymity and more about the writing itself - you've taken a detour, the wrongly right one - lets call it.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that having a pen and paper can help u feel lighter in ur pain unlike some of us who have to sweat (literally speaking of working out and sweating) to get the endorphin levels soaring to feel good.