Sunday, January 24, 2010

Human Nature!

"Hobbes, do you think human nature is good or evil? I mean, do you think people are basically good, with a few bad tendencies, or basically bad, with a few good tendencies? Or, as a third possibility, do you think people are just crazy and who knows why they do anything?"

- Calvin

I salute thee. Calvin and Hobbes, shall be my religion, if I had to choose...Hey, I am in pursuit of understanding the Gita and Mahabharatha and even it poses the same question in more complex terms - when C&H is funnier and more colorful and more rebellious, why not?

But the underlying fact is that, In 5000 years, human beings still remain un-understood - The species has evolved, but the collective complexity of the kind evolved quicker and we never caught up :(. Questions are good though!


CaarO said...

Woow! This is very cool :)

Please, post me!

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Kiss and hugs for you and your family.

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SJ said...

I don’t think there is good and evil, just categories that people place on actions