Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moments of truth

"He was forced to confront the fact that he had tolerated certain artificial constructs to uphold his existence. When you build on lies, you build strong and solid. It is truth that undoes you. He could'nt knock down the lies or else the past would crumble and therefore the present!" - Kiran Desai in Inheritance of Loss

Sometimes when things that dont usually make sense, start making sense - then you realise that you're not walking on solid ground, but precariously betting your life on a fault line that would give away any moment now. Interesting life, I should say!


UnemployedDayTrader said...

Well, there is something I must say that bothers me, is that no matter what you feel you are doing, that you must always feel it is the right thing. It doesn't have to deal with a moral compass of right and wrong, but just a right thing for you at that moment to be doing the right thing. Think about all the lame things that feel right, and be glad you took a chance and stepped on that fault line. Be careful though.

Wundergal said...

Do I know you?
I just loved what you said....esp. about taking a chance and being careful...
Thank you dude - whoever you are..
You made my day!

Kichler said...

This picture somes up how I feel today.