Friday, January 08, 2010


Two Ministers watch as cop bleeds to death
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After a long time, I am terribly outraged...Even as we digest every unjust thing that happens around us, somethings are plain revolting that you cant help but let the blood boil over...

Indian politicians, once again establish themselves as inhuman bastards, who must have been born out of a combination of monstrous beasts - FUCKING ASSHOLES! I know a lot of us do this everyday - see an accident and walk by.. but 2 fucking ministers and a collector and whole bloody convoy...with all their power, dint have the guts.. of 60 odd people, not a single person had a of those extremely rare occasions when I am NOT proud to be an Indian.

And the guy who was shooting this video, from his car - last in the convoy he claims - a coward who had a conscience and killed it...I am so appalled that words fail me!

Dharma prevails over Adharma? where and when? Its all bullshit....
May the cop who died not rest in peace and haunt every single asshole who could have, but dint save him! I am not sure what a corrupt cop you were - but you dint deserve death like this.

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Anonymous said...

There is a clear lack of leadership clearly demonstrated by the ministers and the IAS guy.
Our political leaders don't want to instill any leadership qualities in their followers.They are made as minions who would blindly listen and follow.
But I am very optimistic about the current generation.They won't put up with crap like this for long time.In our life time we will see a better India.