Monday, February 08, 2010

To blog or not to blog...

I wonder sometimes, if my rantings are good enough to maintain what can be classified an interesting yet informative blog...

Issues like this -
A Turkish teenage girl found dead in a hole next to her house was probably buried alive, a post-mortem examination has revealed.

For what: talking to boys

Her age : 16

Full link:

How unnatural can we get? An adolescent girl talks to boys and you just bury her alive... in the name of honor killing!! Wow! What a world we live in...

This is an issue I want to blog about - because, honor killing is the limit of all the small atrocities that women are put through in many societies across the world. It would be good, if there is person in the crowd of a bus, or on the road, or in the family who will stand up for a harassed girl...It can make a difference.

Issues like this:

Save the tiger campaign that's currently being popularised in India by Aircel communications..Only 1411 tigers are left in the world

Will someone please tell blogging about an extincting species will help save them? Even if thousands are aware of it, can anyone who is educated enough to read blogs really go save a tiger in the forest? And for such an educated person, who is already in a field related to saving tigers, is it my blog thats going to make him aware??. I dont think so..

Aircel has decided to "use" tigers to prove its social responsibility - very bad idea. very opportunistic.

Though inadvertently, I have blogged about it....its an issue thats useless to blog about - I dont want to be used a Aircel's brand ambassador, unbeknownst to myself..

O Well.. thats the eccentric me, showing up :)


DJ Taurus said...

I think it's totally worth blogging about!! I used to wonder how folks would access my blog, but then I realized that the Next Blog function connects people (and their blogs) in the most random way (sometimes), but lots of other times, the blogs that appear have the same subject matter (knitting, music, etc.) So, I'm thinking that's how I came across yours!

Also, I think that in today's hyper-connected reality, we don't have time to think about every news piece that comes to us. Your insightful pieces in this entry 1)present the happening 2)offer an opinion 3)call to question how people view social justice.

Keep it up!

Tyson K said...

Just passing through! The more awareness, although how painfully slow it proceeds, can only lead to good things.

Disco said...

I have to agree with Tyson. it's a matter of awareness. Keep bringing up the issues you care about and there will be a response. You just have to have faith in people.

UglyGirl said...

She was buried alive? That is terrible. I fail to see how people can be capable of that.


this was a worthy blog...its sad that other countries can be so harsh with punishment!

willson said...

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