Thursday, August 19, 2010

Traveling by bus..

Its been ages since I did significant bus travel and I realise what I have been missing - better buses, better roads, better sceneries and most importantly clean rest areas all at a price that's much lower than the lousy airlines I've gotten used to, with none of the special features listed above :(… in fact I am typing this off the bus, with a power option for my laptop - Is’nt that awesome?! For a person, who likes lounging around (like me that is :P)this is a live travel & living show on somewhat remote areas of Southern India….As I saw the greenery run past me I felt the need to pull out my laptop and type this… Good Fun! - If my datacard was working I would have posted this off the bus too..not at all bad huh?!

I have to also tell you what I am seeing - A lot of lush green farms, sprawled under the shadow of rocky hills... the clouds hovering around menacingly, with an imminent threat of a downpour, the farm workers who pay no heed and go about doing some odd jobs around the farm, the birds witnessing all off this from the vantage point of electric wires and an occasional butterfly or sparrow that tries in all futility to race with the bus...I am loving this - Imagine that Garfield like smug-contented grin on my face...

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