Thursday, November 11, 2010


Was at an abhang concert by Aruna Sairam yesterday...I figured out what sublimation means..once again.

Divinity, I realise is a very human and humbling experience - nothing too far away...If you can try and feel the dedication of a sculptor ( see the details and symmetry in the thousand pillar hall at Meenakshi temple in Madurai or the Tanjore temple to start with), the notes of a musician (like yesterday's concert, or sabir khan's sarangi, Zakir's tabla, Vaidya's veena... the list is endless), in the details of a painting (have no favorites to talk about), in the creatvity of a poet (Rumi, Gibran, Mira, Vairamuthu - and more), in the happy smile of a deprived child and many more such things including that of nature - if you can internalise these into yourself and sublimate your being into that moment, - that comes as close to divinity as I can imagine....God is in the details, in the small things - we pass by everyday..O well so much for my spirituality....

I just wanted to say the concert rocked - bigtime!


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