Saturday, December 25, 2010

5 years!!!

I just realized my blog turned 5, three days ago...4 months older than Shakthi....I remember those times, half pregnant, prepping for GMAT, and holed up at home for it was freezing cold even in Memphis, TN...I remember, the sorry, old, grey, but the most comfortable recliner in the world on which I created my account and wrote my first post.....Five years and as I read my posts, I cannot believe it actually tracks my evolution as a person....I'm glad I have a blog!!! Interestingly, WG has become a second identity to me in several places...

And for those who say blogging is on its way out - I agree FB and Twitter are a helluva lot easier, but as long as there are people like me around who want to tell elaborate stories on the littlest of ideas and experiences, blogging will live.

Love you bloggie!!! Hope to see you live as long as I do :D


Jacky said...

wow 5 years?? that is truly amazing...congrats!

wundergal said...