Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A rare insight...

At the most unexpected moment, for a seemingly frivolous realise something interesting about yourself and the such thing that I realised yesterday

Butterflies fascinate me - If you do take the time to stop and notice, butterflies can be a source of joy, just with their seemingly aimless flight patterns and bright colours....the way the flit from flower to flower, like a connoisseur trying to find the best food outlet...In short, butterflies are fun on the outside..But they're interesting too because butterflies don't start of as butterflies. They've been foodaholics and overweight, they've been single mindedly focussed (on eating, but focus it is !!), they've been imprisoned by themselves before learning to fly and to let go..

The contrasts of all the stages in the metamorphosis of a butterfly are so much more, than say, that of a frog....Human beings metamorphose too...from children to teenage to adult to middle aged to old age...just that some of us are frogs - who don't really seek much more than convenience (learn to live without always having to swim and shed that tail that's so out of fashion) whereas as some of us are more curious minded and seek a lot many more experiences that could change us fundamentally during the metamorphosis.... The effort always pays off.

So butterfly it is!!!

If that was cryptic...I am sorry


romantic said...

Are you a writer? I like this style, I wish you a beautiful day

Bala said...

that's a wonderful insight :) .. its sad that many humans take pride in just survival