Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life is a Gift - with a catch....

Yep..Life is a gift! Beautifully wrapped...we hold it, cherish it and embellish it with more accessories - But scared to surprise ourselves we add more wrappers, more external decorations.But really very very few of us have the guts to open the gift. To see whats inside. I've taken a few peeks and I am getting a hint of whats inside...its nothing - Its just plain, dark, empty vacuum - something you cant control, something so intense that once opened you get sucked in..When you've been gutsy enough to do that, the experience is a transformation - to a more individualistic, more at peace, more self-contented living that seeks no other external validation for being. Nirvana.

As one more year wraps up, lets unwrap our gift of life....lets find peace within.

PS: Ha starting to sound like the Robin Sharma's and Deepak Chopra's of the world...Age I suppose :P

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