Monday, December 26, 2005

Rain Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a typical piscean - every character that defines a piscean describes me too! No wonder I love water...I'm not sure if anyone on earth would be as delighted by the prospect of getting wet as much as I do. Be it the rainy days in Anna Univ or the time I went to Niagra - water fascinates me....

So, coming to the point.... We went to this hotel call Opryland in Nashville on Christmas eve - It is a huge hotel spread over 9 acres with an indoor atrium and waterfalls ... Its really cool! but the best part was that they had a water show.....Man!!! wasnt it awesome... they had these fountian jets that reached a height of about 100 meters and when the rising and falling jets meet... Lo and Behold!!! zillion droplets of water splashing in all directions .. I could feel happiness in every drop that landed on me, I could smile from my heart, I forgot the darker sides of life, I felt as giggly and excited as a teenager in of the memorable christmas eves I have had. Of course we did other things like seeing the christmas decorations, playing cards, wining and dining!

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